Twickenhams Pork Fillet and Kumara

(Serves two)

2 kumara
1 Pork fillet
1/2 cup of plain flour,
1 teaspoon of chicken stock
Ground black pepper.
Take 2 cooled precooked kumara and cut into thick rounds.
1 Pork fillet cut on a slight angle into approximately half inch rounds.
Mix together half a cup of plain flour, 1 teaspoon of chicken stock, Ground black pepper.
Coat kumara rounds and shallow fry in vegetable oil untill golden and crisp.
Season pork fillet with salt and pepper, then grill till tender.
Arrange kumara rounds on warm plate.
Stack pork against kumara,then drizzle over warmed Gusto Organic Apple Syrup.
Serve with vegetables or a crisp green salad.
Recipe provided by Twickenam Homestead, Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand